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We have a maintenance department to perform mechanical/Electrical Maintenance works.
OmniBAS™-XR, the eXternal Radio addition to the OmniBAS™ packet MW PtP family of products, addresses the operator need for cost-effective, all-outdoor IP transmission solutions.

News & Events

Three Years Frame Contract (No.Proc.1-1/2/181011/0518) has been signed with PTCL for Supply of DP-Bo
 In 1st delivery AITS supplied 20,000 2nd Delivery AITS supplied 13,000 DP-Boxes.

AITS has successfully delivered PTCL Project No. Proc.3-4/1/211209/0164 for Supply, Installation, Te
 Turnkey solution is desired for Microwave transmission media to different sites on Digital Radio System having 16XE1s capacity with (1+0) & (1+1) and 63XE1s capacity with (1+1) redundancy...

FAC has been issued by PTCL for P2MP-0165 (Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of
1.               Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of, point to multipoint broadband wireless access system of Split (ODU/IDU) type operating...

FAC has been issued by PTCL for DRS-0246 (Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of B
 The Project relates to providing backhaul transmission for USF CTR project. i) PTCL intends to expand its Microwave Network by installing high capacity links. ii) Turnkey solution is...

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